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Tummy Tuck Revision

Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery

Abdominoplasty Surgery is a procedure to help with abdominal area contouring for patients with excess skin and adipose tissue.  Many patients who undergo tummy tuck surgery have had weight loss or pregnancies and not only have the excess skin and fat but also have a separation of the abdominal muscles. Choosing your surgeon is one of the most important decisions you make when you decide to proceed with the abdominoplasty surgery.  The surgeon you choose should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have experience in performing this procedure.

We at Prime Plastic Surgery see many patients in the San Diego area, Riverside area as well as from around the US and abroad who are dissatisfied with the post surgery results elsewhere.  The most common sources of dissatisfaction after abdominoplasty surgery are the following:

  • Hypertrophic/Keloid Scars
  • Scars That are Too High
  • Irregular or Uneven Scars
  • Dog-Ears
  • Unsatisfactory Belly Button Appearance/Location
  • Abdominal Wall Asymmetry

Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars

Each person is unique and the way one person scars may be much different from the way another person may scar but scars are more common with olive and darker skin complexions. With African American patients there is also a high risk of keloid scar formation. Our doctors use special approaches and techniques with wound closers on ethnic patients to help prevent scaring.

Scars That are Too High

Normally  when initially doing markings for the surgery your surgeon will have you bring in your favorite pair of underwear or favorite bathing suit so that he can make sure that your scars can be easily hidden. When patients come in with scars that already too high, we can revise them under local anesthesia in the office or under general anesthesia in an operating room.

Irregular or Uneven Scars

Many of our patients come in because they are unhappy with the irregularity of the scars from their previous surgeon. Your surgeon takes multiple measurements and makes markings prior to the scar revision surgery to ensure symmetry.


Dog-ears or bunching up of the tissue and/or skin on either side of the incision is a very common scar revision that your doctor corrects with surgery.