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Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

Having a tummy tuck procedure is a life changing experience to repair a woman’s abdomen after childbirth or extreme weight loss. Some patient’s experience a planned or unplanned pregnancy after their tummy tuck procedure and have several concerns regarding their growing abdomen and unborn child.  Experiencing pregnancy after a tummy tuck still allows for a successful pregnancy and does not pose any harm to the unborn child, however it may result in the need for an abdominoplasty revision after pregnancy. 

Further surgery may be necessary after pregnancy if excess skin is present  or if muscle diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) occurs after childbirth. Plastic surgery does not guarantee permanent results and pregnancy after plastic surgery can change the results of your previous surgery. Many women have come to Dr. Pousti for an abdominoplasty surgery and some have experienced childbirth after their procedure. Most of the women are satisfied with their previous surgical results after pregnancy while others prefer to have a revisionary tummy tuck procedure performed. Many factors such as weight gain, stretch marks, skin laxity, muscle separation, and personal desires will determine if revisionary surgery is necessary post partum.

Patient Post-Op Abdominoplasty / Breast Augmentation Surgery
4 Months Pregnant After Abdominoplasty / Breast Augmentation 
7 Months Pregnant After Abdominoplasty / Breast Augmentation

This patient delivered her baby at 37 weeks pregnant. She had no complications during pregnancy and is satisfied with her previous abdominoplasty results and will not be having revision surgery.

10 Years After Abdominoplasty / Breast Augmentation
12 years after Abdominoplasty/ Breast Augmentation