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Which Tattoos to Remove Through Laser Tattoo Removal in the Workplace

It’s no secret that office dress codes are getting more casual. These days, it seems like jeans, tank tops, and even sandals are the norm, not the exception. As the workplace morphs into a place where self-expression is embraced, rather than stifled by stiff suits and wool skirts, however, some employers are drawing a hard line at tattoos. So, as casual as dress codes may be, there are still some circumstances that may warrant tattoo removal if you want to get ahead in the workplace.

Once considered part of the counterculture, tattoos are now extremely common. In fact, a third of Americans between the ages of 25 and 30 has a tattoo or some kind of body piercing. While a 2015 study showed that 86 percent of MBA students and young professionals didn’t think a tattoo would hurt their chances of getting a job, research shows that highly visible tattoos can have a negative impact on the hiring process, especially in customer-facing jobs.

Here are some guidelines on tattoos in the workplace and which ones you might want to have removed:

Consider the industry you’re pursuing & if it is tattoo friendly

If you are applying for jobs in a conservative industry, like banking or accounting, a tattoo might not be as embraced as it would be by hiring managers in the creative field.

Full disclosure about your tattoos during the interview

If you decide to cover your tattoo for an initial interview, bring it up when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. This shows your integrity, and the manager’s response will help you determine if the job is a good fit for you.

Location of the tattoo matters to employers

Neck, head, and face tattoos carry the most considerable stigma from hiring managers. If you have a tattoo above the shoulders, strongly consider tattoo removal before you start interviewing.

Keeping secrets

With the appropriate attire, an employer will never see a tattoo on your back, stomach, or legs. There’s no urgency for tattoo removal if your ink is hidden. That is, unless you’re among the 14 percent of people who regret getting tatted in the first place.

What is your tattoo?

Just as important as location is content. If you sport offensive ink on your arms, hands, or another visible part of your body, it can have a negative impact on how you’re perceived professionally.

Cover up your tattoo in the office

Many office policies require all tattoos to be covered with clothing, makeup, or a band-aid. If you think you’ll find it annoying to cover your tattoo every single day, you may want to consider tattoo removal.

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