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Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Picosecond San Diego Laser Tattoo Removal

We all make choices we regret. Like that time you decided to get pixie cut a la Michelle Williams in The Great Gatsby. Remember that? Not a good look.

While a bad haircut eventually grows out, a tattoo isn’t as easy to erase if you change your mind. At least, it didn’t use to be. In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new “it” laser on the market that’s faster and more effective at removing tattoos than any of its predecessors. It’s called the Discovery Pico Plus by Quanta, and it’s the most powerful dual wavelength picosecond medical laser in the world.

What makes the Discovery Pico Plus Laser Tattoo Removal different?

You’ve heard about laser tattoo removal for years: Heidi Klum got it when she split from Seal; Angelina Jolie had her infamous Billy Bob tattoo removed, too. You’ve probably also heard that it takes upwards of 20 treatments to remove a tattoo with a traditional laser, and that some colors don’t respond as well as others. With a wait time of four to six weeks between appointments, the process can last years. And when you want that tattoo gone, like, yesterday – a couple of years can feel like a lifetime.

With the Pico Discovery Plus, you don’t have to wait. This laser is so advanced that we can achieve the same results in half the time and with fewer side effects, including scarring and hyperpigmentation. The Discovery Pico Plus comes with a variety of spot sizes and tip formations, including a square tip, for treating different sized and shaped tattoos. The square tip allows for a safer, more effective tattoo removal because it evenly distributes the laser energy over the treatment area, thereby reducing skin trauma.

Another standout feature of the Pico Discovery Plus is that it offers two wavelengths – both of which can produce picosecond and nanosecond pulses. By altering the choice of laser energy emitted during each treatment session, we’re able to treat many different tattoo colors across varying skin tones. This includes red ink, which is notoriously stubborn for sticking around after other colors have faded – a huge advantage that outdated lasers don’t have.

How does Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The Pico Discovery Plus works on a scale of picoseconds, a trillionth of a second, and nanoseconds, a billionth of a second. Combined with intense heat, this speed is critical for breaking up the ink particles apart into smaller chunks so they can be absorbed by white blood cells. The particles are then transported to the liver, where they are filtered and flushed from the body as waste. This is what causes a tattoo to fade from view over time.

Because the Pico Discovery Plus allows us to combine picosecond and nanosecond modes, we can achieve fantastic results for our patients in fewer sessions than with a laser that uses nanoseconds alone. In fact, small tattoos can often be treated and leave virtually no trace in as few as four to six sessions. Of course, the only way for us to accurately predict how many sessions you’ll need is if you come to Prime Med Spa for a free consultation.

Isn’t it time you had that tattoo removed?

At Prime Med Spa in San Diego, we are the only medical spa in North America with the Pico Discovery Plus. You won’t find it anywhere else on the continent! Needless to say, our patients come to us from all over the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to undergo total laser tattoo removal. And when we say total, we mean it. Just take a look at our before and after gallery to see what amazing results the Pico Delivery Plus can offer at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. With our total laser tattoo removal package, you can take advantage of the most sophisticated technology for tattoo removal at unbeatable prices, right here in San Diego.

So what are you waiting for? Call today at (858) 272-2021 or book your free consultation online.