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Surgery of the Week Bilateral Brachioplasty

This is a 45-year-old female patient from Riverside California, who had been interested in brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery for several years because she had excess skin on her arms. She found Dr. Tom Pousti over the Internet and scheduled an appointment for a consultation. At her consultation, she met Dr. Tom Pousti, was immediately comfortable and had a good feeling about his surgical abilities. Dr. Pousti informed the patient that he is a double board certified plastic surgeon and has been performing surgery for over 16 years. He also informed her that she was a good candidate for this procedure and would have a noticeable result. Dr. Pousti’s staff then went over before and after picture and also potential risk and complications. She immediately scheduled surgery. Two months later Dr. Pousti performed her surgery.

This is the patient is at the surgery center in the pre operative marking area and in the operating room where Dr. Pousti carefully marks the patient before surgery.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti and his surgical staff do their best to achieve symmetry between the arms while keeping the size within the patient’s expectations. Here the patient is in the operating room immediately after the surgery. The patients’ incisions are closed and you can see the right and left arm.

The patient is now only 1-month post op brachioplasty (arm lift). She is very happy with her results and wishes she had done the surgery sooner. After removing the steri strips and stitches and you can already see a huge difference.